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HM-19 Bluetooth Low Energy Arduino

HM-19 Bluetooth Low Energy Arduino
Quantity:  1000
Effective Period:  180
  Company Info
  Date Joined:
  Country/Territory: China (Mainland)
  Business Type: Distributor/Wholesaler
  Number of Employees: 501 - 1000 People
Detailed Product Description
Type: HM-19
Size: 13 * 18 * 2.2 mm
BT Version: V4.2 BLE & V5.0
Firmware: V120
Status: In production
Bluetooth Module 4.2 & 5.0 BLE Datasheet
* Professional bluetooth products suppliers.
* Remote control module provider
* Data transmission module provider
* PIO state acquisition module provider
* Customizable bluetooth module and bluetooth solutions
* High and new technology enterprise
* SIG members
The most complete, most convenient, the most stable of bluetooth data transmission, remote control, PIO
acquisition module
!! Master and slave role in one
!- Remote control without other MCU
!! The PIO data acquisition without other MCU
1. Product Parameters
* Modulation method: GFSK(Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)
* RF Power: -18dbm ~ 3dbm, can be modify through AT Command AT+POWE.
* Speed: Asynchronous: 1-8K Bytes
* Synchronous: 1-8K Bytes
* Security: Authentication and encryption
* Service: Central & Peripheral
* FFE0 is service UUID (could modify by AT+UUID command)
* FFE1 is Char1 UUID (could modify by AT+CHAR command)
*Default property : Read, Write Without Response, Notify Property could modify by AT+RESP command
* FFE2 is Char2 UUID (Could open by AT+FFE2 command)
If you use AT+CHAR command to change Char1 value, then Char2 value will be Char1 value + 1.
* Power: +1.9~5.5 VDC 50mA
* Long range: Open space have 100 Meters range
* Power: Low Power Mode 50uA~500uA, Standby mode 6mA, Active mode 10mA.
* Working temperature:C40 ~ +85 Centigrade
* Size: HM-18 27mm * 13mm * 2.2 mm
* Size: HM-19 18mm * 13mm * 2.2mm
2. Product Overview
Thanks for you choose our products. If you want to know more, please contact us to help you (Videos, New version datasheet, Module work flow, project Codes, etc.)
HM Bluetooth module use CY Press IC, Master and slave roles in one, transmission version and remote control version in one, Support the AT command modify module parameters, Convenient and flexible.
Transmission version can be used to transmit data between two Bluetooth devices.
Remote Control version can be used to Control PIO ports output high or low level without any other MCU.
HM-01, HM-02, HM-03, HM-04, HM-05, HM-06, HM-07, HM-08, HM-09 is bluetooth V2.1 version. Use CSR Chip.
HM-10, HM-11, HM-12 is Bluetooth V4.0 BLE version. Use TI Chip. HM-16, HM-17 is Bluetooth V4.1 BLE version. Use CYPRESS Chip.
HM-18, HM-19 is Bluetooth V4.2 BLE version. Use CYPRESS Chip.
HM-01, HM-09, HM-10, HM-12, HM-16, HM-18 have same size and same pins.
HM-06, HM-07, HM-11, HM-13, HM-17, HM-19 have same size and same pins.
3. Product Model
3.Product model
4. Product certificate
Most products have FCC-ID, CE, RoHS.
5. Product pictures
Bluetooth Modules pics2
6. Product technical specifications
This document only include Bluetooth BLE 4.2 document, please contact us to get Bluetooth V2.1 version datasheet.
That document include: HM-01, HM-02, HM-03, HM-04, HM-05, HM-06, HM-07, HM-08, HM-09.
6.1 HM-16 Schematic
6.1 HM-18 Schematic
6.2 HM-16 Size
6.2.1 HM-18 Size
6.3 HM-16 package information
6.3 HM-18 package information
6.4 HM-16 Device Terminal Functions
6.4 HM-18 Device Terminal Funct
6.5 HM-19 Schematic
6.5 HM-19 Schematic
6.6 HM-19 Size
6.6 HM-19 Size
6.7 HM-19 Package information
6.7 HM-19 Package information
6.8 HM-19 Device Terminal Functions
6.8HM-19 Device Terminal Funct
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