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* Hotline:0595-22283501 0595-22283501
Features and Benefits
“Sonhoo China Supplier” based on “Sonhoo International Trade Website (www.czworldre.com)” is a service displaying minor enterprises in export industry and their products to overseas buyers.
Features and Benefits
(1) Products Showroom: show the details of products to buyers without limit to gain more inquiries;
(2) Legible Icon : Catch buyers’ eyes from numerous members with a legible icon;
(3) Top Priority: Be the first sight in the result of buyers’ search;
(4) Honor& Video: Show the strength of enterprises, obtain customers’ trust, increase trade opportunities;
(5) Professional Support: Specialized clients services waiting online for you;
(6)Information Passed Free: Publish your products information before your competitors.

Sonhoo China supplier Basic fees:23000 RMB/year

? fees Service content Present
Basic service 23000RMB/year English website International top domain name or translation of less than 500 words(only choose one);
limitless of product pictures, selling/buying leads and overseas space,
50 seconds of enterprise video, enterprise qualification authentication
Overseas union promotion Two keywords in five are guaranteed to appearance in front three pages of google , yahoo or MSN.
Professional trading service
Monopolizing the overseas purchase information;
the international exhibition , Periodical recommendation
Promotion service Discuss in person Discuss in person Discuss in person