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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Sonhoo China Supplier?
Sonhoo China Supplier is a premium membership in Sonhoo.com. Based on “Sonhoo International Trade Website (www.czworldre.com)”, Sonhoo China Supplier also is a marketing promotional service displaying minor enterprises in export industry and their products to overseas buyers. Click here to learn more about Sonhoo China Supplier.
What should I do if I forget my password?
If you have lost your password, do as the following to get your password:
Click “Forgot your password?” in sigh in blank; Input your member ID, click “Next”; Input the email address that you registered previously, click “Next”, then we will send your password to the email box.
How to buy in Sonhoo.net?
It is convenient to buy in Sonhoo.net. If you are new to sonhoo.net, join us as a sonhoo.com member first. After having been a member, you can use the buying Tools as following:
?Search products and buying leads in Sonhoo.com, for search details, click here;
?After you find the products or sellers, click in the right of each product item or in the seller’s own web page, select or enter the information inquired, then click “send”;
? After you send out your inquiry, the seller will reply you in a few days and send the message to your message center in Sonhoo.net.
How to sell in Sonhoo.net?
Register as a Sonhoo member first if you are new here, then you can use selling tools to display your products and buying leads to attract buyers, also, you can search potential buyers by search or browse buying leads in Sonhoo.net, after you find a possible client, click nearby the lead, fill in the form with information needed, then click “Send”, the quotation you send will sent to the buyer’s message center. And buyers’ feedback will be sent to your message center too.
Why did I fail in opening my company web?
Members only can get their own company web after their registration information approved by our editor in 48 hours. If any of the information you input do not match our standard, we will inform you by email.
Why I failed to find my products after my submitting?
All information you submit will not be published until it is checked by our website editors within a few working days (less than two days). All information you submit should reach the quality standard.